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aug. 28 - szept. 01, 2019


szept. 07 - szept. 10, 2019

Reproductive Potential of Russia: Versions and Contraversies

szept. 19 - szept. 21, 2019

Targi medycyny fizykalnej i rehabilitacji, Łódź 2019

szept. 20 - szept. 21, 2019

InaHRS Meeting 2019 With AFCC 2019

szept. 30 - okt. 02, 2019

Malaysia Physiotherapy Conference 2019

Szeptember 2019


aug. 28 - szept. 01, 2019


Barcelona, Spain

The 5CC has established itself as one of the top laser and aesthetic meetings in the world and this 11th annual meeting will take place at the outstanding congress venue- the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB). More than 1000 expert speakers, (plastic) surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, specialists, clinical practitioners and registered nurses from all over the world will attend this high-level medical meeting and we are going to be part of it as well. Visit us at our booth! For more information go to the event website.